Board Game pick: the game randomizer

Board Game Pick is a tool dedicated to help you chose the best board game, proposing a selection of 3 random games out of your Board Game Geek collection, considering your criteria. It is using your account to read your collection and to show the result of your request.

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    This tool is interrogating your BGG collection. The only thing you need to enter is your BGG account, and eventually different other optional criteria to refine your search.

    For more information, you can get a complete description of every filters below on this page. Enjoy!

    Please note that the initial loading of very large collections (>500 board games) can take up to 30 seconds. Please be patient and do not close your browser during the loading!

How to use Board Game Pick

What is Board Game Pick?

Board Game Pick is your handy tool helping you to chose the perfect board game to play with your friends, randomly selecting 3 games in your Board Game Geek collection.

The only prerequisites are a Board Game Geek account, used to fill your board game collection on their website.

What if I don't have a BGG account?

Creating a Board Game Geek account is easy and free! Just register an account, and start adding board games to your collection by using the dedicated icon.

Adding a board game to a BGG collection

What are the different filters available?

Board Game Pick is coming with a lot of different filters permitting you to adjust how this tool will provide the random board games you are requesting. Here is the full list, and a short description explaining how they work:

Standard filters

All the standard filters are the ones directly available from the form without having to click on "Show more filters", that are the most convenient and useful to refine your random board games selection.

Advanced filters

All those additional filters, hidden by default and available through the "Show advanced filters" button, will help you tweak Collection settings and Player count settings, refining your selection of 3 random board games.